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ZWS March Infoletter

Giving you the strength you need, for the life you deserve


In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Zen Wellness Sanctuary would like to advise everyone to take the necessary precautions in reducing the further spread of the virus. We hope you stay safe and healthy with your friends, family and loved ones. 

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Balance & Exercise: Finding The Right Balance Tool For You

Balance is a crucial ability that we need in our everyday life. Climbing stairs, getting up from bed, carrying groceries. Assess and train today, with the HUR SmartBalance!

  • Balance Score - Easily interpret your client’s balance ability with a unique score. Compare and motivate!
  • Easy to use non-intimidating Client Mode for independent training
  • Scientifically-proven testing methods provide an accurate baseline measurement; you’ll know exactly where you’re starting and where improvements can be made
  • Interactive computer programs are easy to navigate and feature large buttons, clear graphics, and an intuitive touchscreen
  • Motivational and fun cognitive games improves strength and coordination
  • Optional HUR SmartTouch software provides personalized workout plans
  • Easy access for both standing and wheelchair users, with a wide entry platform and adjustable support rails
  • Low step up height – makes independent training easy and safe even for the more frail persons.
  • Comprehensive reports include easy-to-understand graphics that help track your progress and create new goals

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In persons over 65 years of age, approximately 30% of community-dwelling adults fall each year. Falls in care facilities and hospitals are common events that cause considerable morbidity and mortality for older adults. A large body of evidence supports the recommendation that balance, strength, gait, and coordination training is effective in reducing falls.

The new unique Balance Scores make analysing the results much easier and prints very clear and understandable reports for the tested person. Instead of tens of parameters it focuses on only five important and descriptive parameters with colour coded traffic light indication of fall risk.

One big addition is the newly designed comparison mode, which makes follow-up of the person's progression easy. The comparisons are also colour coded with traffic light colours so that it is easy to see and easy to show when the green level has been reached

The user will forget they are actually training their balance when they are playing, and often when several people are playing it leads to competitions. A great motivation tool for keeping up the training for months and months.

Source: HUR Finland

Get in touch with us to drop by our showroom for a visit to see how these features can motivate your patients or clients today!


HUR Diagnostic Solutions: Strength & Balance Assessment

Testing is a crucial part of both rehabilitation and senior exercise. Before starting a new exercise or rehabilitation program testing the client's/customer's strength and balance gives valuable information for developing the individual activities.

HUR has specialized in developing and manufacturing professional products for measuring human performance. The products are manufactured to the highest quality, with scientific levels of accuracy and without compromising ease of use, for:
    -    Researchers and research facilities
    -    Physical and occupational therapists
    -    Sports coaches and teams

The HUR SmartBalance Software is a complete package for your balance testing and training needs. It features two preprogrammed test protocols. The reporting tools provide clear and understandable visual feedback about the patients balance condition.

The Performance Recorder can be directly connected to all HUR exercise machines, which are equipped with the Isometric testing sensor attachment. This locks the lever arm in position and when you push against it the maximum force will be displayed.

Activ50s Active Ageing Gym have collaborated with a friendly outpatient physiotherapy treatment provider to develop their very own musculoskeletal screening tool; Strength, Balance and Lower Back (SBL) Assessment. The SBL Assessment utilizes the Performance Recorder to record strength, SmartBalance to assess balance and a lower back assessment is done by the physiotherapy centre to further correlate and provide a differential diagnosis on any musculoskeletal dysfunction. Head on over to Activ50s Active Ageing Gym to find out more, or even try them out for yourselves!

Photos by Free Malaysia Today


ZWS Installation: Regency Specialist Hospital, Johor

Regency Specialist Hospital in Johor are proud owners of the new and improved HUR SmartBalance - balance testing and training platform. The HUR SmartBalance was shipped to the Pasir Gudang Port and forwarded to the hospital to be installed.

Upon layout and planning approval that was given to us by Head of the Physiotherapy Department, we had conducted the installation process. Upon completion, we conducted the electrical safety test (EST) and completed the training for their staff within the day itself.

Layout and design planning are included, as we strive to provide the best outcomes by positioning our machines based on precise and accurate area measurements to avoid unattended wires and provide a neat and safe work environment.