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ZWS July Infoletter

Giving you the strength you need, for the life you deserve


Fellow Frontliners, we thank you! For all the support and sacrifice, for all the fearless battles and sleepless nights, for watching over us and for being there in times of need. We thank you, as your efforts have not gone to waste, as we stay vigilante as we include the newly-implemented standard procedures into our daily lives.

As all businesses resume operations with new SOPs and employees return to work with social distancing rules, we must all be wary of the risk and take the necessary steps in preventing a recurrence, avoiding the formation of new clusters and operate in a safe and healthy environment. Together, let's fight our final battle and end our war against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Wishes

Dr Jillian Yeoh

MD, Zen Wellness Sanctuary

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Returning to Exercise After Lockdown

Humans are bioplastic. That means we respond to what we do with our bodies. Usually, our body responds positively to exercise: we get fitter and stronger, and our mental and physical health improves. When we stop being active, our physical condition declines. This is known as “deconditioning”.

While deconditioning can be rapid, reconditioning the body is slower. Upon returning to the gym we might feel like our muscles are “tighter” and we’re breathing more heavily. We may also feel that our joints are stiff, or that we reach our pain threshold well before we are used to. These are all normal signs that should improve after a few workouts or over several weeks, according to an article by The Conversation.

“If exercise is commenced gradually, then the risk of injury is minimal. The risk comes when people jump straight back into high volumes of physical activity when they haven’t been doing much for a while. With delayed starts to sporting seasons, many people may be tempted to jump straight back into training at full intensity, hoping to make up as much ground as possible." says Dr Hagstrom, Lecturer in Exercise Physiology at UNSW Medicine’s School of Medical Sciences on the UNSW Newsroom.

Here are some expert tips on getting back to your gym routine after the lockdown;

  • GRADUAL increase in workout intensity
  • REGULAR exercise, consistency would lead to better muscle conditioning
  • WARM-UPS are best not to be skipped
  • RECOVERY should be enough, just to get you ready for the next day
  • ENJOY your workouts in a safe and healthy environment

HUR Exercise Solutions allow workouts to be conducted safely. Pneumatics allow less load on the joints, while working out muscle equivalent to conventional weights. Increments of 0.1kg also allow gradual increase in intensity after every set, and programs set on the HUR SmartTouch would allow progressive and regular training. Get in touch with us to find out more on HUR Solutions and how it can cater to your setup.


ZWS EQUIPMENT: UV Sterilizer & Disinfectant Wipes

As more gyms begin opening in many countries, cleanliness and safety remain a priority. Gym caretakers will do their best to keep the gyms as clean as possible. However, how can clients do better in taking care of themselves?

Introducing the UV Sterilizer and HUR Disinfectant wipes, for hospitals and gyms everywhere. The use of UV sterilization has been found to be effective against viruses and bacteria. It can kill over 99% of them in an short amount of time.

According to BBC, concentrated UV rays have shown great results and is now on the front line in the fight against COVID-19. UV ray emitting robots have been cleaning floors in hospitals. Banks have even been using the light to disinfect their money.

Upholstery and leather material, like other leather products, are more sensitive to alcohol concentrated solutions (sanitizers) and therefore it is recommended to use products that contains no alcohol because it can dry and harden the material. The HUR disinfection wipes have been tested to work against COVID-19, therefore a safe choice for your gym/hospital setup.

Get in touch with us at Zen Wellness Sanctuary to get yourselves equipped with these accessories to complement your rehab setup, and to protect it from creating a new COVID-19 cluster.

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The reputable Professor Arto Hautala (Director of Research and Education at HUR Finland) in collaboration with Zen Wellness Sanctuary, had conducted an online webinar titled "The Significance of Physical Fitness in Aging Adults During COVID-19". 

Professor Arto also holds the Adjunct Professor position in Cardiovascular Research Group of Oulu University Hospital, Finland. The main research interests of Dr. Hautala are in the areas of exercise training in aging adults and rehabilitation.

In this webinar, Professor Arto outlined the role of good physical fitness related to fight against COVID-19, and the consequences of physical inactivity induced by home isolation on cardiometabolic health. He also described benefits of regular physical activity and exercise training on various health outcomes. He then finished off by introducing the intelligent HUR exercise training ecosystem and it's effectiveness in improving physical performance and daily activities in aging adults and seniors.

Click here to download a copy of the webinar for your viewing. Get in touch with us to know more about the intelligent HUR  Solutions and how it can cater to your setup.

Activ50s Exercise Videos are now available on Youtube, please like, share and subscribe to our channel today for great exercise content.


ZWS Installation: Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, located in Bangsar, has a complete installation of the HUR Solutions for several years now and they are still very functional, with normal wear and tear. These machines are on heavy workload as they are utilized on a daily basis for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.

Due to the long years of service, the upholstery of the machines had worn out, and were due for change. They preferred not to change colours, as HUR upholstery come in multiple range of colours, based on customers preference. Order was made two weeks prior to deliver and installation.

The installation of the new upholstery was done within the day, with no delays or obstruction. We had completely removed all older parts by noon, and prepared the new upholstery to be installed as per machine.

Some machines were lubricated and some were also serviced as better cleaning could be done with the upholstery out of the machines. 

All upholstery were wiped with HUR Disinfection wipes before being installed to make sure they were properly sanitized. 

Disassembly and reinstallation was done within the day and the clients were happy with the installation. We will be conducting several other upgrades to other HUR Installations across the country. Stay tuned!

Get in touch us to know more about HUR Solutions and how they can be customised to your clinic themes as well.


Activ Life: Balance, Lower Back, InBody & Strength Screening (BLISS)

Ever wondered if there was a screening tool to assess balance and joint functionality, just as the conventional diagnostic screenings that are already available? Ever wanted to measure muscle strength and assess musculoskeletal composition to rule out any forthcoming possibilities of  stress-related injuries?

Look no further, Activ Life has developed BLISS (Balance, Lower Back, InBody & Strength Screening). This tool assesses an individuals balance, activation of lower back muscles, body composition using the InBody machine and measures strength using the isometric strength tester on the HUR Exercise machines.

Assessing different musculoskeletal components provides the physiotherapist and client a better understanding into the mechanisms of the human body. Each component is screened on valid and reliable methods and devices, by professional and competent physiotherapists, whom also interpret the outcomes of the screening to the clients. Clients are then recommended with several treatment options, including preventive and curative options, if needed.


Here is a voucher just for you, by Activ Life! Get a RM100 discount when you sign up to get BLISS-ed today! Click here to get in touch and sign up today!